Our Services

Web Application Development

Liza-Technologies has mastered its expertise in Web solutions, too. Our experts have extensive experience in making static as well as dynamic sites using state-art-of-the tools. The artwork and web page designing is done by our specialist graphic designers in close interaction with the clients.
Some of the tools that our web programmers and graphic designers use to create web sites: Our believe is a 'Sourcing Solution To Growing Business' approach and close interaction with the clients. Over the years, mastering the art of software development enabled us to provide high quality products, services and solutions at competitive rates.

Graphics/Logo Design

Graphic design is the applied art of arranging image and text to communicate a message. It may be applied in any media, such as print, digital, motion pictures, animation, packaging, and signs. Graphic design as a practice can be traced back to the origin of the written word, but only in the late 19th century it is identified as a separate entity. Fundamental principles of these designs are alignment, balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, proportion, proximity, repetition, rhythm, unity, and white space. We provide the corporate with unique and professional graphic identification. We incorporate your corporate colors for your logos.

Offshore Development Center

Through the Dedicated Offshore Team model Liza Technologies serves its clients as a strategic development partner, providing a pool of highly experienced IT professionals with a wide range of skill sets and proven technology practice areas along with the infrastructure dedicated to your projects. Liza Technologies's Offshore Development Center can be integrated with the client's existing processes to fully support design, development, quality assurance, version control, backup and recovery, thus operating as an efficient and seamless extension of the client's software engineering facility.
The Dedicated Offshore Team trained on your line of business, systems and processes can be changed in size when necessary ensuring quick response to your resource requirements. Empowered with transparent project management and progress tracking processes coupled with high-speed communication infrastructure, our clients have full control over the dedicated offshore team committed to their project. Through setting up an Offshore Development Center and working with a dedicated development team, our clients can enjoy all the benefits of the offshore outsourcing, including cost-effective resources, flexibility and time-to-market advantages.

Outsourcing Services

We offer Software Product Development services to our customers in various stages of their lifecycle from both onsite and offsite support.

  • New Startups
  • Idea ventures
  • Idea ventures usually tend to focus more on their idea realization and sometime get caught with questions such as Finding the right partner to help them implement their idea? Finding a development partner who has the right expertise, experience and can help reduce their development costs while delivering on time and in budget? Help them create a world class product with full support and maintenance at competitive pricing? They also need to get to the market fast, reducing their risks and have a development strategy that supports quick releases to show to investors and prospects. Liza Technologies, with its vast expertise and experience can help new startups

  • Product Development Companies
  • Companies that are already software/product development companies need to balance growth and profits. Liza Technologies Technologies AS provides the needed strategic and technical support to help them mature. This allows them to focus on strategic initiatives, while development and maintenance processes are efficiently and cost effectively managed by Liza Technologies. Some of Liza Technologies services include - Full Agile development with multiple product releases. Flexible resource model help keep the cost under control. Complete lifecycle product development, enhancements, maintenance and support for older products. Testing and QA services for existing and new products. Technical Support

Software Development

Liza is strongly focused on creating customer oriented software applications. The development team minutely examines and analyses the existing IT processes of the clients. It does the gap analysis to ensure complete compatibility between existing system and custom developed application. The supplications are designed, tested and deployed to complete satisfaction of the clients.